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 Patrick Dodd  A true poet with a guitar, Patrick Dodd is an American songwriter with an uncommon creative edge that is impressive and unique. One of the most prolific songwriters of his generation with over 400 songs to his credit, Patrick Dodd is an Austin Texas trained songwriter, and contemporary of Blaze Foley, Jimmy Lafave, Guy Clark, and Townes Van Zandt. Though his commercial career was blossoming while he was in Austin, like Woody Guthrie, and Utah Phillips, Patrick Decided to employ his talents in the interest of social justice.

As a social justice songwriter Patrick has provided us with more well-crafted musical moments of relevance for these critical times of crumbling empires than nearly any other artist who comes to mind. As an activist, and a songwriter, Mr. Dodd has never been one to shy away from political or controversial subjects just to protect his spot in main st ream music.  In fact his dedication to being the songwriter for the disenfranchised led to his induction early in his life into the Scottish Royal Academy of Lifetime Political Folksinger and has seen his music used in numerous documentaries and films, as well as, theme music for top progressive radio shows like Tom Hartman's and Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now".

After a lifetime of social justice music, Patrick Dodd has returned to his roots, and while "commercial" music has not been Patrick's historical focus; his outlaw country music is over the top in craftsmanship, creativity, and just plain entertaining. Again his genus at rhyme and rhythm presents in his work as is clear by several recent recordings, including Patrick' s most recent album, "Last Few Miles". 

  Though Mr. Dodd currently revels in calling himself a scumbag country writer his musical style is really as eclectic as his subject matter; he dives into outlaw country, folk, punk rock, jazz and Broadway style progressions with equal ease, using genres in the way some writers use arrangements to showcase his always impressive lyrical poetry. 

 An activist with a self-confessed twisted sense of humor. From his role as co-host of the Siskiyou Mountain Outlaw Radio Show to his front row position on the lines of social resistance, Patrick Dodd has for forty years been a writer whose music always seems to find a way to move us in a direction we need to go.  Whether he is making us laugh, cry, or get downright angry Mr. Dodd always strives to educate, motivate, and empower common folks everywhere to stand up and resist the injustices so many other writers seem afraid to broach; injustices such as poverty, war, racism, sexism, and our ongoing environmental destruction.  It is no exaggeration to say that few songwriters have had more of an impact upon the social fabric of positive change in this country than Patrick Dodd. It is equally true that I have not hear the likes of such Outlaw Country talent this decade.   From the town square to the family festival and coffee house to the scum bag bar, Patrick has an especially uncanny ability to play to his audience and with such an extensive and eclectic catalog can move from one type of venue to another with ease

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