From the recordings WAR EAGLE and War Crimes

NOTE TO U.S. SOLDIERS: You are not fighting for freedom, or for Israel. The more the military follows the orders of these madmen the more freedom we lose. No U.S. soldiers are fighting for American freedom and our way of life, but rather the profits of Nazis. Yes, Nazis. Hitler never would have risen to power if it had not been for the Bush family. They financed Hitler, spread propaganda, provided key military support, profited off the labor of camp prisoners, and were involved in the founding of eugenics the pillar of Nazi theory. One might say the Bush/Walker family and friend founded the Nazi party. So, now who ya fightin' for? BTW It is time we start looking into the backgrounds of some of the war mongering Israelis, some Jews collaborated with the Nazis, and some still are evidently. I am not anti-Semitic. Christians like Bush are anti-Semitic, and the Jews that collaborate with them are traitors.


I don't see the people I just push the button let the bombs fly I'm here on a mission not here to ask why I am the war eagle I rain death from the sky I don't see the people I don't see them die The camera takes pictures As the bombs fall through the air They'll look at 'em at briefings their holding down there Then they�ll show you the ones their willing to share But I'm here on a mission and I really don't care Chorus: I am the war eagle I rain death from the sky I am the war eagle and I never ask why Some say it's for freedom some say it's for home I really don't think about it As I fly here alone I do it for something I find on my own I do it for a rush I can feel in my bones chorus: Now there's a new target Dead ahead in my sights I try not to think about it as I fly through the night They say were fighting for freedom Still on the side of what's right but the targets Ohio and the fires so bright Chorus: