From the recordings ANTI-CORPORATE RANT and War Crimes


Anti-Corporate Rant Listen to what I’m talkin’ about It ain’t easy bein’ you it ain’t easy bein’ me They keep us catatonic here in the land of the free We search the information age for any spot of truth But all we find are corporate bill of sales Tell me what’s the use Chorus: It’s just a shame Corporate shame Low down shame Bottom line shame There are a lot of talkin’ heads But it’s always the same ol’ line The truth goes to the highest bidder And justice is stone blind The air is owned by pirates The land is owned by shieks That don’t leave much to inherit When you get down to the meek Chorus There are roads off to the left There are roads off to the right But the road that leads to justice They keep that hidden out of sight They hide it behind power They hide it behind greed It’s hid behind a million things No-one really needs Chorus Some people wait for saints Or for saviors from above Some people wait justice Or for ever lasting love But what ever way you go Corporations block the track We’re way to deep in corporate hell There ain’t no turning back Chorus It ain’t easy bein’ me It ain’t easy bein’ you We’re caught up in this corporate shit No matter what we do The cloths we wear The food we eat There’s no way to escape No matter where you go You are in the corporate state Chorus