From the recordings GONE: WITHOUT and War Crimes


Gone Without a Kiss I didn�t know about the war, till it exploded in front of my door, Now death and destruction are all I can see. I didn�t see the planes but the bombs fell down just like rain, I didn�t even know they had taken my child from me. Chorus But now every nite I hear his voice, my child who will never grow old. How could they take him from me, and then tell me that I am free? How could a war come from so far away and snuff out the light of my life? Gone in the blink of an eye, without a kiss of goodbye. Now the tanks they roll by his grave, the soldiers all smile and wave. One soldier shouts your country�s free at last. But I can�t raise my hand, and that soldier will never understand, Why I stand and weep each day when the tanks roll by. Chorus Now they say the war is won, the old regime is done, But the war inside my heart will never end. My world is ashen gray, they took my light away. And now I cry each nite like the desert wind Chorus