From the recordings GOD LOOKS DOWN and War Crimes


GOD LOOKS DOWN When God looks down from his haven up above Now this shit has to blow his mind I bet he never thought that it would come to this When he made up human kind �cause if he had he would have kept us in the garden Kept us better under control �cause as it is now he�s gotta look up at the stars and say �Lordy Lordy bless my soul� Chorus: Don�t ask me I�m just one sinner what do I know Don�t ask me God don�t tell me when he comes and goes God came down to the mountain that day Said I got some commandments for you He looked old Moses right dead in his eye And said �you better keep �em too!� Moses said, �Lord I�m gonna do what I can, But people got a wayward eye This one you got here about no other god We might as well not even try.� Chorus: Moses never got to see the promised land And them folks they been fightin�� ever since And when he looks down and tries to figure it out I bet it don�t make a lick of sense Their fighting�� over this and their fighting�� over that Their fighting�� like he didn�t even care Their killin� on ground that they swear he holds holy Killin� like he wasn�t even there Chorus: Now preacher man will tell you God is coin� back You better go and get yourself right I hate to disappoint �em but I ain�t believing� The good lord is comin� tonight. He�s probably looking� down and he�s looking� here and there And there�s trouble everywhere that he can see He�s thinking� to himself if I come back now These fools are probably gonna blame me Chorus: