1. Final Stand

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Final Stand On March the 7th in ‘05 The loggers they got in To the top of Fiddler mountain A place they’d never been And in the name of salvage logging They tortured that dear land After running over every one Who tried to make a stand The first they took was old Saint Joan Sitting in her chair She cried this land is sanctified And you should not be here She cried, as she was drug away You fools don’t understand That I ain’t the first or last Who will make a final stand Chorus: Notes from the fighting line When you wish that love or blood or time Could have saved a single tree But then again I guess we’ll see Cause we just cannot just go away This is our sacred land And if we must we’ll gather round The last tree where it stands For seven days we held the bridge Bodies on the line Folks chained and drug away each day It was an awful time Till twenty women lined the bridge Standing hand in hand As mothers and their daughters came To make a final stand Then they closed the forest down Cast us all aside And as I listened to the wilderness I heard the north wind cry In the name of grubbing profits They have raped what once was grand And I pray my children will return To make a final stand Chorus Now the spring is drawing near War is on the air We know the logger will return There’s still that tree up there But if they do they’ll find us here Following the plan Gathered round the last trees To make a final stand Chorus and out